Terms and Conditions

The below mentioned terms and conditions are limited to course offerings/services provided by QualityPat Technologies Pvt Ltd,a registered firm based in Hyderabad,India.

These terms and conditions are binded to the Website Disclaimer and applies to the sale of our service offerings by the company both Online and Offline. Please make sure to read these terms and conditions in detail before purchasing our services either Online or Offline Course.

You are welcome to contact us on contact@qualitypat.com or give us a direct call at +91-9347493328 fir further needed clarification,if any.

We assure you in resolving any conflict between our Website Disclaimer and  these terms and conditions specific to our services by applying the best possible way that is feasable to both the parties if the issue raised is within the company official limitations.

We also request the individuals/parties to bring any unusual/unrevealed service practices that you come across from any party/individual (in the name of QualityPat claiming to be the company staff )not officially relating to the company, deviating the published company practices as disclosed in the website.Company is not responsible to any of such cheating happened out of our limitiations however we try our best to interrogate the occured and try to bring the best possible support to you to counter the cheating.

Please be understood that you agree to these terms and conditions relating to the purchases of our services via our website, by clicking on the “Accept” button.Feel free to discontinue the purchase if you do not agree to the mentioned.

1. Definitions

“Confidential Content” means the information we collect from the end party in the process of service discussions be it online/offline to conclude the decision.The material we are referring can be a hard copy/soft copy/written/recorded but does not include the public domain unless it is directly served by the end clinet on purpose as a process with his/her complete understanding at it.

“Course Materials” means the framed material by the company that is provided/shared during the service period as a part of the process in hard copy or electronic form(soft copy)

“Fees/Payment” means the service charge amount to be paid by you to the company on agreed terms and in the agreed mode of payment.

“Property Rights” means copyright that we got on the class recordings that we provide to our clients who buy our courses/services and are not supoosed to be circulated to the open public that includes all the platfomrs recognised as a social media products,with out our knowledge and any practise as such will be considered as a data breach to the company demanding the compensation from the respective party/individual to cover the loss occured to the company presented in the legal language from our authorized Legal bodies subject to the challenge in the respective legal jurisdiction of the related locality..

“Online Course” meaning the delivery of our training sessions performed through electronic modes to the respective party/individual to which you attend remotely from your choice of location.

“Services” means the activities performed relating to the line of our business as an extension to our trainings.

“Classroom Course” means the trainings we offer in our workspace as a classroom setting to the individuals who avail the physical training with us that you attend in person.

2. The Services

We mean tranings(Online/Offline) and associated extended support as a part of agreed activities with complete understanding of the involved parties.

We provide atmost care providing the every detail relating to our courses/services we have for the open public through our website.That being said,we reserve every right to vary or withdraw any of the trainings/services( if and whenever required) published in the website without notice and request the public to have a time to time enquiry with our official staff for updates or changes happened if any subject to the service you plan to choose with us and get the required confirmation before you plan to purchase it through our online/offline platform.

We do not guarantee the discussed result if it includes the participants performance/involvement towards the result and to be understood the claimed reasons from the company end behind it.

3. Service Purchasing Modes:

Purchasing through our online platform (Payment Gateway via Website)

We encourage you to register with us by creating an account in our website in order to purchase any of the Services on-line.Please reach us for technical discomforts you come across during the transaction by not proceeding with your own attempts.Please be informed that such mistakes can’t be forced to the company responsibility if the occured is not at the company knowledge.

Purchasing through Telephone/Offline

We encourage you to register with us offline by record if you plan to purchase any of the Services over the telephone or by personal visit.

You must, however, get the other arrangments needed to get the access to our tranings/services by registering your required information(email id/phone number/registered ID name for zoon connect) with us before you start the selected service/training.

Also,we reservce every right to cancel or decline your order(training/service related) or any part of your order at any time if we got a valid reason for it that is actually damaging or violating the company policies or disciplinary activities leading to the damage of the company reputation.

The company is only responsible to the transactions directly made by using any of our registered payment platfomrs or through our official staff not considering the unofficial payments of you out of the company limitations through outside parties,as a company activity.

We request you to make enough enquiries with our official staff while making any payment towards your chosen service/training with us through any middle party be it our promotors / freelance staff .

4. Cancellation and Variation

We request your understanding on our cancellation policy towards your choosen training/service to be claimed within 1 working day before availing it confirming the cancellation turning invalid once the claim window/period ends.

5. Fees

The Fees informed for the Services/Trainings shall remain the same as set out on the Website or as informed to you over the telephone by our official staff,at the time you decide to purchase it.

Also,the company reserves all the rights to bring in the discount policies to different target audiance from time to time to compliment the trust of people on the company and request public to understand the occasional varairions in the fees on all of our listed services/trainings/course materials etc..

Fees must be paid in full prior to you attending to the selected training (Online/Offline) unless you have a special approved arrangement in the payment policy from the company management.

6. Liability

Any activity/incident happened out of the company context although indirectly influenced by the individuals/parties who can’t be claimed as official company working professionals can’t be considered as company execution unless there is a solid proof on the same.

7. Intellectual Property

7.1. All Intellectual Property Rights relating to the Online/Offline trainings/Course Materials, presentations/technical speeches made by trainers (Online/offline) will remain limited to the Company and its recognised end users(students/clients) only,and

You are not authorised to:-

re-publish, sell, upload in any social media, broadcast in any social media, post in any social media,copy, modify, reproduce, forward any of the QualityPat training material/class recordings with out the company knowledge even though you purchased the content as a registered user.

Make a recording of our video or audio training sessions over the phone or any recording device either offline or Online..

Breach by you of this clause shall lead to cancelling your enrollment with the company and will be asked to discontinue with no possibility to claim the payment made to that particular service/training with which the practice of breach occured/performed.

8. Confidentiality

Every element discussed / considered as a confidential one relating to the offerings the company makes to you towards the choosen/purchased service/training shall remain limited to the authorised end user only.

Also,the data collected from the students/end parties will remain secure in the company data base not violating the data protection.

This cause shall remain valid even after the purchased training/service window ends.

9. Termination

We reserve all the rights to terminate you from all the means of your selected service/training if you

  1. Fail/refuse to pay the due amount even after the agreed time window ends.

act in an unpleasent,offensive,aggressive, bullying, threatening or harassing manner towards our employees,trainers,management staff of the company creating the unhealthy environment to the fellow engaged individuals or parties connected/involved with us along with you either Online/Offline also damaging the reputation of the company.

12. Force Majeure

QualityPat shall not be liable to you for any breach of its terms and conditions arising from causes beyond the company control,like fires, floods, earthquakes, and other Natural Calamity by God, terrorism, failure to provide the confirmed/running course caused by a sudden death of any staff /trainer/in the trainer’s family/illness of the trainer/ sudden changes in the regulation by the Governament directly or indirectly influencing the business effecting the purchased service/training of yours..

13. Assignment

We may route,handover,sub-contract any of our business activities to any third party that we officially claim and introduce to you to attend to your purchases(Trainings/Services).

14. Data Protection

We shall be collecting certain data from your end to confirm your purchase(Training/service) as a part of process that includes your personal data and professional data and will store this data in our secured database till the time you are associated with the company by your purchase.We may also gather aggregated information about you that includes details of your IP address,browser version,the URL you the URL you came from and go to during your participation in our Services/Trainings to help us imrpove the security sytem.

You are welcome to request for a change or update in the data you save this us by contacting our technical team at contact@qualitypat.com or on +91-9347493328.

15. Law and Jurisdiction

Any policy violation shall be questioned through the relating Jurisdiction via company legal bodies and shall claim the charges involved along with the penality amount from the responsible individual/party